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Enza Costa Woman Cadet Twist-back Cotton And Cashmere-blend Midi Dress Charcoal Size S Enza Costa 5eKVM9
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As exciting as staying and living in a ship sounds, there are several adjustments that one needs to make. And the most important adjustment for prospective sailors and cruisers is to learn ‘how to get sea legs.’

To get your sea legs is a highly popular catch phrase used in the marine lingo, which refers to the ineptness of people to poise themselves while on ships and boats.

Representation Image – Photograph by Emmanuel Ephraim

Root Origins

The phrase’s roots are actual interpretations of seafarers being unable to hold on stably while the vessel constantly rollicked on water. Over the years, this root origination has been modified to a simpler ‘developing sealegs’ idiom.

Another aspect of the terminology of developing sea legs also refers to getting acclimatised to a newer surrounding, in a generic and non-marine parlance. Similarly, in a unique correlation paradigm, there is also the contextual existence of a medical problem referred to as the ‘Mal de Debarkquement Syndrome.’

The latter being the complete opposite of the sea legs concept, the syndrome refers to the tottering and teetering of sailors on terra firma, because of longer time-duration spent while at sea. Sailors and even the general cruising community, who face this problem, are often misunderstood as being drunk or alcoholic, which is not the case with many credible seafarers.


A very common correlation is drawn up between the concept of developing sealegs and the problem of motion sickness while the vessel’s on water. This is because unless a person is able to withstand the constancy of the rollicking of the vessel, his body won’t be regulated as it needs to, thus giving way to motion sickness.

Observing, interpreting and swaying in accordance of the motion of the vessel is known to help people acclimatise with the unstable surrounding, thus helping to get your sea legs. However, in case the boating expedition is a relatively smaller cruise, the learning experience gets curtailed even before individuals can firmly and fully grasp the concept of getting sealegs. However the advantage of shorter cruising expeditions is that, in the event of individuals grasping getting sea legs thoroughly, the experiencing of jelly legs while back on land, gets reduced substantially.

A person is said to have developed jelly legs if:

The growing proportion of inventors that were choosing to sell off the rights to their patents suggests that patentees were increasingly focusing their attention and resources on the pursuit of inventive activity. Indeed, the data we have on patenting over careers, presented in Table 4 , are quite consistent with the view that there was a dramatic increase in specialization at invention over the course of the nineteenth century. The early 1800s were a relatively democratic era of invention, when the typical inventor filed only one or two patents over his lifetime, and when efforts at technological creativity were only one aspect of an individual’s work, if not a sideline altogether. Although such part-time inventors continued to be significant contributors to patenting, their share fell sharply between the 1830s and 1870s, from over 70% to less than 40%. Conversely, the share of patents accounted for by patentees with 10 or more career patents rose from less than 5% to more than 20%. There may have been other contributors to the sharp change in the distribution of patents across patentees, but this evidence that a major increase in the degree of specialization occurred as early as the middle third of the nineteenth century—before the emergence of research laboratories housed in large-scale enterprises—is important ( 7 , 13 ).

View this table:

Distribution of patents by patentee commitment to patenting, 1790–1911

The idea that the increase in specialization at invention was facilitated, if not promoted, by an enhanced ability to trade technological information is certainly consistent with the observation that transfers in patent rights became extensive during the period in which the substantial increase in specialization occurred. To establish more directly whether the two developments are related, Table Womens 420 ReEngineered Trainers New Balance LoXuto1
provides comparisons of the extent of long-term commitment to invention between patentees who assigned their patent rights away to companies and patentees who did not. The logic would suggest that patentees who traded the rights to their inventions should have demonstrably greater long-term commitments to inventive activity over their career than those who did not do so. We test this implication by comparing the two groups in our “B” sample by their average number of “career” patents and the average length of the “career” in invention over all patents and over all patentees (weighted and unweighted averages). What stands out is that patentees who assigned their patent rights away to companies registered many more patents over their careers, and also had longer careers, than those who retained the rights to their patents through the date of issue. Industrial sector and the degree of urbanization of the patentee’s county of residence are controlled for in Table Womens D Audalies Mid B Boots Geox zpwki
, but the results are robust to a general multivariate analysis accounting for region and time period as well.

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